Spotliter FAQs

What is Spotliter?

Spotliter is a new iOS PHOTO and VIDEO camera app built specifically for the touchscreen generation.  Spotliter enables you to capture beautiful HD-quality photos and videos with unique touch effects which you apply just by tapping, sliding or pinching your fingers on the screen.

How are touch effects different from filters and effects in other mobile photo and video camera apps?

Spotliter’s touch effects are a whole new generation of interactive effects which you can control using just your fingers.  Unlike other apps where you can apply a filter or look to the entire screen when capturing a photo or video, with Spotliter, you pick an effect you like and use your finger(s) to apply the effect to just the area of the screen or viewfinder you want to “spotlite.”

Examples: (1)Select B&W2COLOR to highlight a taxicab driving across your screen in color while the rest of the screen appears black and white simply by tapping on the cab and swiping your finger as it moves. Pinch your fingers together or spread them apart to decrease or increase the area you want highlighted in color.  (2)Select MAGNIFY and magnify just your daughter’s face singing in a recital while the rest of the group appears at normal zoom.  Pinch to select the size of the area you want to magnify, slide your finger to move the magnifier around the screen or tap a different part of the screen to magnify that area instead.

Simple, intuitive, useful. Isn’t that how a touchscreen camera should work?

How many touch effects are available?

Spotliter offers fifteen different effects.  Some of our personal favorites are JUXTAPOSE, MAGNIFY, SEARCHLIGHT, B&W2COLOR, OVERLAY, CHIAROSCURO, POSTERIZE, HORIZON and DOTS.

How do I switch from PHOTO to VIDEO capture mode?

Spotliter by default will now open in PHOTO capture mode. A new button will now appear on the screen above the Capture button showing both a small photo icon and a video icon. Tapping that button will immediately switch you to VIDEO mode and the capture button will change to a red video record button. Tapping the photo/video button again will switch you back to PHOTO mode.

Can I use both the front camera and back camera?

Yes, you can use either the front or back camera and even switch between cameras while you are capturing photos or recording your video. In video mode, you can also pause recording, switch cameras and restart recording.

Can I switch between effects as I am recording my video?

Yes, you can switch from effect to effect while you record. You can also pause and restart recording if you wish.

Which devices are supported?

Spotliter is optimized for the iPhone 5S, 5C, 5 and 4S; and the iPod Touch 5, 4 and 3.

Can I capture high-res photos and videos?

HD photo and video capture (720p) is supported on the following devices: iPhone 5S, 5C and 5; iPod Touch 5. The following devices support 640×480 (VGA) capture: iPhone 4S; iPod Touch 4 and 3.

How long can my videos be?

How much storage you got?

How will I know how to use touch effects?

When you select an effect, a message will appear on the viewfinder telling you what touch actions you can use with that effect, i.e. tap, slide, pinch, etc.

Are touch effects difficult to use?

Touch effects are designed to be intuitive and familiar to use because if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you already know how to use a touchscreen.

How do I share my Spotliter photos and videos?

All Spotliter photos and videos are saved to your device’s photo gallery and easily accessible in the Spotliter album. Go there to view, edit and share them as you would any other photo or video. Please add the #spotliter hashtag to all photos and videos you share publicly so that we can discover and feature them on our site.

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